New Words for old desires

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I post about my band, other bands, and things that make me giggle.

my name's Shane. i like punk rock and things associated with punk rock.

I usually answer messages privately, so let's talk and stuff.

i have these songs i’ve been recording on my own and i’m trying to show them to people, but i want people to be like, brutally honest with me and shit so i guess just message me if you’re interested and are a fan of bands like Joyce Manor, Modern Baseball, and, i guess, The Front Bottoms, i guess? helppppp

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Weezer - Pink Triangle

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Before I go into anything else, I’ll openly acknowledge the taste of hypocrisy in the fact that this is a blog post.
Today I witnessed one of the most disgusting displays of a witch-hunt mentality in the alternative music scene that I can remember. It’s refreshing to see it die and the air clear…

DREW JUSTICE FOR GODDAMN PRESIDENT. This issue seemed more so a way for people to gain scene points than actually responding to the issue at hand. Lots of finger pointing, and blindly accusing people without a hint of validity in what they were saying. Personally, I feel that media blew this out of proportion and this could have been handled delicately, but instead, just a shit show from one Facebook thread to another.

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my dear diary: it’s just you and me tonight
you don’t love me
aren’t thinking of me
you don’t love me
aren’t thinking of me tonight
why am I waiting for you to see I’m alive

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Tactical operating procedures: covering your partner in a combat scenario.

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Another new one off of our upcoming EP. 

Another certified jam off the Playtime Revenue EP I mastered

<3<3<3 listen to me because i’m desperate and seek attention <3 <3<3

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tonight was the best fucking night. On My Honor, the Sheds, Smalls, Something More, and Heavyweights were all awesome. Played the first Playtime set since January w/ MoBo and Have Mercy. and afterwards, hung with the on my homies and sheds dudes. hanging some more in the morning. also slightly (a lot) intoxicated. fuck i want ice cream. good night anyway, even without the ice cream. 

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do you know if pull strings is still together?

hahahahaahahah, this is so random for me to get, but my guess would be no. Adam is slaying some shit paper skeletons though.

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