New Words for old desires

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I post about my band, other bands, and things that make me giggle.

my name's Shane. i like punk rock and things associated with punk rock.

I usually answer messages privately, so let's talk and stuff.

Wow my head. Leave me messages?????

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where she goed

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I will keep you company until you go to sleep, because you’ve been everything good to me.

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I’m comfortable knowing that I don’t have many friends, but that’s cool, because I don’t really think many people want to lay on my floor with me and listen to records I’ve listened to a million times already. I’m going to continue doing that though, and I’ll just deal with the friends thing later.

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We are not staying at Moe’s.
Maggie’s already drunk on the fumes.
And she’s a mean drunk.

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Tonight’s playlist got weird. Starting top left; Pedro the lion- Achilles Heel; gates- You Are All You Have Left To Fear; The Weakerthans- Reconstruction Site; Brand New- Daisy; Stickup Kid- The Sincerest Form Of Flattery; Lifetime- S/T; Kid Dynamite- S/T…. Gonna continue boogying~~

Think tonight’s gonna be a weak one

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